Angola airlines seeks staff at local universities

Image: DR

Angolan airline TAAG has launched a programme to recruit aeronautical engineers and mathematicians from local universities to fill vacancies in its staff.

The national flagship airline is preparing itself for the challenges of the 21st century, its chairman of the executive committee, Mr Eduardo Fairen Soria, who told state-owned Radio RNA, has not mentioned the exact figure of people to be hired by the company.

He added that, the company is also recruiting Angolan pilots who are available and want to work for the company.

About the service that is provided on board, Mr Soria said there is a new strategy underway.

“We have designed a new service on board at TAAG. We have strengthened training and made some advances, but soon we will have a new service,” RNA quoted Mr Soria as saying.

In September 2019, the Angola airline recruited 70 flight attendants to its staff, through a public tender.

*Com NJ, 08/11/2022